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Our Story

Hi my name is Feride Gucel, after working in the financial industry for almost 30 years, I decided to do something totally different. Raising two children firmly beyond the age (and size) of baby clothes, I always felt a little sadness at no longer being able to dress my little ones anymore. However, finding myself at the point of having to buy gifts for my nieces, nephews and family friends’, I rediscovered my love for children’s fashion and saw an opportunity in the process.

Following many months of research – and believe me, this has been a steep learning curve! – a baby and toddler online clothing boutique was born.

Born and raised to a Turkish family convinced of the benefits of natural ingredients, materials and products, I’ve always been interested in clothing that incorporates these elements – and now more than ever, the responsible, ethical, sustainable sourcing of textiles, garments and fashion has never been more important, or accessible. I have therefore made every effort to source environmentally friendly materials and use bio-degradable packaging where possible.

Little Monsters is an independent baby and toddler online clothing boutique, offering the small people something a little different. 

Stocking baby and toddler clothing sourced from premium textile producers in countries with a long history of textile production, including Portugal, Spain and Turkey, we strive to offer high-quality, fashionable clothing that’ll keep your Little Monsters looking as cute as ever, in clothing that’ll last.

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